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Established in 1993 PROSPER N&S. soon emerged as a leading business enterprise. Today it has satisfied/ clients more then hundreds of organizations, individual all over the Pakistan and its expending constantly We believe in building long-term, ‘value based’ relationships with our clients focusing on their unique and individual needs. Our aim is to provide solutions that result in long-term gains for our clients. These are based on the state of the Art cutting edge technology leading to integrated vertical solutions that reduce the manpower cost resulting in enhanced profitability. Our team comprises who are working round the clock to provide swift Automation solutions along with matchless quality service that fulfills our client’s Requirements to their satisfaction.
Keeping abreast of the latest developments in our industry we have an expanding and ever-growing skill set and talent that ensures the level of high-quality service that our clients expect from us. Prosper it & Communication has built a reputation of 100% success rate in providing accurate cost estimates and adherence to timelines.

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Innovation and integrate technology solutions with business and building long term partnership with clients by providing intelligent business solutions for globe our Mission is to help and succeed through technology solutions and I.T Support

We are a team of highly enthusiastic, energetic and tech engineers. The strength of our company lies in the rich experience of its people, who come from diverse background. We have committed ourselves to assisting our customer 24×7 thus we have fully active customer care team.

PROSPER N&S is leading I.T Company for Consulting service and deployment of best breed business solutions to top tier domestic and international customers.




Keeping our customers/clients satisfied is the key to helping them succeed through technology our customer/clients regularly

Comments on the speed of our response and the patience of our staff.


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